Will I Be Waiting?

So, umm, when I first got the e-mail from JimCuddy.com saying some sort of big news was coming September 16, I somehow thought that day would NEVER come. It’s now two days away. I’m assuming it’s going to be the full round of tour dates, and he better be hitting Montreal on a weekend so I can go. Boston would be totally awesome, but the chances of that are such that if it happens, I’ll host the afterparty at the bar across the street from my building. Or run naked Weserstadions, for that matter.

Anyway, I’ve been about to cry for the past three hours – I don’t think it’s for any natural hormonal reasons – and I also feel like I’m about to spontaneously combust. A day I’ve been anticipating for months is finally about to arrive, and the waiting is killing me. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself after this besides get a job. And OMG OMG the album is out in less than two weeks. I ordered THAT July 6. It better be one of the first 500, autographed, CDs.

Err yes, I crush on him like a 12-year-old. But I did once get a drunk Jim Cuddy with a bow for my birthday, and I have pictorial proof. Best. Birthday. Present. EVAR.

weight: 201 lbs
workout: 30 min on the treadmill, PT exercises, four minutes on the ARC Trainer before my mp3 player fell off and I had to step off. Walked most of the way home. Starting to run again, but need new music.
year’s workout number: 165
besides drooling and incessantly checking the internet, must: see “The Lion King” in 3D and “I Don’t Know How She Does It.” Work out. Clean my living room.


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I'm not Canadian, I swear.
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