Maxed out all my credit cards and took all of the money from my till…

I seem to have spent $180.41, without any international credit card conversion fees, on Jim Cuddy tickets (two for Montreal 2/10 and one for Ottawa 2/9), and have taken all the cash out of my sock drawer to cover the fact that my credit card really doesn’t like this. I’m nowhere near my limit, thankfully. I also still have some money in other drawers, and a wallet holding about $14.34 CDN, which should cover four Iced Capps at Tim Horton’s. Also, my friend said she’d pay for the Montreal tickets as my birthday present.

However, a) my grandmother is again on her last legs, so while I am planning to get a job, I just received enough money to cover my bills for the month, and b) I’m scared to go now! I have no idea when I’m going to actually going to be assigned seats, so I can’t sell any of the tickets at the moment. I also seem to have chosen some HUGE venues – for instance, Truro, NS, where he’s playing sometime in a few weeks, is smaller than the town where I grew up, and I think their theatre seats under 300 people. I guarantee that my father’s the only person who lives in the town where I grew up who’s seen Jim Cuddy in concert before. I’m also realizing that the two venues are larger than anywhere I’ve seen Blue Rodeo before. I *think* the largest venue I saw Blue Rodeo at held about 1100 people. Theatre Maisonneuve holds 1458 and Southam Hall, where I presume the Ottawa concert is, holds 2323. I saw Jim Cuddy and Luke Doucet solo with acoustic guitars in 2004 at Joe’s Pub in NYC, and that place holds about 150, maybe. What. In. The. Hell?

In other news, I really need to get new allergy medicine, as it feels like my flu shot isn’t working.


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