All right, I miss you tonight, and I’m not really sure what to say.

Not really about missing someone, but I’m seriously not really sure what to say.

Even though six meetings are probably enough, I decided to comment at the above Ottawa Citizen page for yet another chance to meet Jim Cuddy, in Ottawa this time (2x Boston, 2x New York, 1x Northampton, 1x Toronto so far).

I read through the comments, and my friend had already nominated me.

I had to comment again, but as obsessed as I am, I’m definitely not his biggest fan, and I shouldn’t be taking away the chance for other fans to meet him for the first time, and being nominated for something without my consent really creeps me out.

I really wish I could tell her that I found her request, and that I even find it a little creepy, but I’m also touched that she’d do something like this. I probably have to wait until the contest ends.

I’m totally dying of laughter reading everyone’s responses, though. I think I counted 20 posters who hadn’t met him, and now I feel hella guilty.

Also…front row in Montreal, bitches! Fourth row in Ottawa, but it’s on the aisle so I can dance my head off anyway.


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