I will never forget the things you said…

Another probable reason I haven’t seen Blue Rodeo in six years? I remember every single word I say to Jim Cuddy, and dwell on it for ages. I say some pretty dumb stuff – sometimes I wonder if he acts as my therapist. Then I want to talk to him again to make up for whatever I said, and the next time I meet him, I say something else dumb. And then I dwell on that. It’s a vicious cycle, and I’m about as obsessed with what I say to him as I am with the man himself.

And my god, he’s actually gotten better-looking in person since 2005. Since he’s older, the lines around his eyes now match the lines around his mouth (which “she,” whomever “she” is, loves). Then again, his hair is so obviously dyed, and probably has been since the first time I saw him, that he’s not completely allowing himself to look his age. Not to mention that a cartilage piercing on a 56-year-old is visually jarring.


The picture above is the first time I got him with a bow for my birthday. During this meeting, after the Blue Rodeo and Friends concert in February 2004, I flipped him off because he screamed “Red Sox suck!” during the picture. Then again, I’ve now gotten him drunk, with a bow, for my birthday, and sober, with a bow, for my birthday. If I’m going to get a man with a bow for my birthday, I think I prefer him sober.


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