Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Book a trip that includes your parents that ends up in Ottawa on Friday, July 13, to see Blue Rodeo at Bluesfest.

July 8 – drive from central Connecticut to Burlington, Vermont.
July 9 – drive from Burlington, Vermont to Montréal, Québec.
July 12 – drive from Montréal, Québec to Ottawa, Ontario.
July 14 – drive from Ottawa, Ontario to central Connecticut.

There is a full-service Marriott within walking distance of Lebreton Flats, we’re getting VIP seats at the concert so that we don’t die, we have a car that can get to Montréal and back on one tank of gas, there’s a Star Wars exhibit at the Science Centre in Montréal, the trip back from Ottawa can be done in 7:30ish which is good because the “highlights” on the way would be Kingston, Syracuse and Albany, and I have no expectations of meeting any of the band.

We all have valid passports, the Montréal Jazz Festival will be over by that week, it’s not Canada Day or Independence Day, and it’s no longer a concert trip, it’s a trip that includes a concert. We’ll see some museums, go cycling, visit my friend in Montréal, and attend a concert.


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