A process man am I…

Basically, I realized last week that I’m a functioning adult, so I really have to process what happened in February.

As the story started, a college student (and Barenaked Ladies fan) in Nebraska recommended Great Big Sea to me, so I went to see them in 2002 and loved them. She then recommended Blue Rodeo, yet another of her favorite bands. She also told me that Jim Cuddy was hot.

I saw Blue Rodeo for the first time in June 2003. I was front row, knew none of the songs, dressed in Canadian colors, got a guitar pick, some autographs, had a blast, and went home without finding Jim Cuddy hot. When they somehow managed to come back to Boston in October, I decided to see them again.

I got to the venue early, as is my wont, and who was sitting at the bar watching the Red Sox-Yankees game with a beer? Yep, of course it was Mr. Cuddy. I decided that since my friend in Nebraska was so obsessed with him, I’d go introduce myself and then rub it in her face that I’d met him. I walked up to him and just started talking. It may have been about sports. It may have been about music. It may have been about my underwear. I shook his hand and got his autograph. Halfway through the show, I was so embarrassed about whatever I’d said prior to the show that I just left. In my defense, the show was loud, Greg Keelor wasn’t there, and I had a headache.

My embarrassment over my inability to close my mouth became so all-consuming that I had to focus on other things related to him – somehow I became fixated on the man’s nose. Within a week, I ended up with a gargantuan crush, but wanted to apologize to him for my lack of mental filter and had no idea when I’d be able to meet him again. But OMG he was so hot and he wrote with his left hand and he was the nicest person I’d ever met in my entire life…

Talk to him ever again? Yeah, that’s gonna happen.


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I'm not Canadian, I swear.
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