That eloquent “25 Things About Me” post:

1) I’m not Canadian. I was born about two miles from where I live in Boston. I don’t have any Canadian relatives either. I’m not German, but my father speaks the language.
2) I still don’t have Facebook.
3) I don’t know what my favorite movie is, and I don’t have a favorite actress. I also don’t have a favorite female singer.
4) My favorite actor is Hugh Jackman.
5) My favorite musical instruments are (French) horn, mandolin and bongos.
6) I have been to 23 Barenaked Ladies concerts as of this writing.
7) I am not doing a thing with my MS in Journalism or my BA in Spanish, nor my paralegal certificate.
8) I’ve only seen two out of my five soccer teams play in person.
9) I haven’t seen the Boston Red Sox in person since before the Expos left Montreal.
10) I gave up buying physical books, shoes, bags, jewelry and watches for Lent in 2012, even though I’m an atheist and I grew up Jewish.
11) My eye color is natural. My hair color isn’t. It looks pretty close to natural now though.
12) I mailed 11 books, half my dirty laundry, two shirts from Roots, and the poster that Jim Cuddy and Anne Lindsay signed back from Canada in February. I remember the poster cost $17.40. Holy shipping costs!
13) I completely overpack when I go on vacation.
14) I killed 12 iPods in four years before I had to stop using them. Thank goodness for AppleCare.
15) My favorite city is Toronto. Paris comes a close second.
16) I am signed up to take the Massachusetts Teachers Licensure test on June 15. I plan to use my licensure to tutor English at Sylvan.
17) I can’t get pedicures anymore because I keep getting ingrown toenails!
18) My favorite alcoholic beverage is Malibu and limeade.
19) I am so disorganized that I lost both an important tax form and a ticket to see the Ting Tings.
20) I’ve had the same kind of piece of crap phone for three years now. I think it’s a Samsung Alias 2. It lacks internet.
21) I still buy most of my music on CD.
22) I don’t have an epic crush on Jim Cuddy because of his music or his looks; I have one because he’s the nicest person I’ve met in my entire life. I find his singing voice soothing but bland, the song “Bulletproof” makes me want to vomit, and the picture of him from the 2008 Junos in Music From Far and Wide makes him look like a cartoon villain. I think said cartoon villain is Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast.” However, if he can stand there and theoretically respond to what’s coming out of my mouth when I’m in his vicinity, he’s an awesome person. Except that he owes me a “Trust Yourself.” Dammit.
23) I get migraines and don’t realize it until days later.
24) When I got my last computer, I got one with a bigger screen than its predecessor.
25) I own about 1,500 books. I don’t have enough bookcases. I’m slowly purging the books.


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