Exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

Nope, there’s no way this man could possibly know I have a crush on him. This picture isn’t from Ottawa, I’m not 10 shades of red, I don’t babble like a three-year-old in his presence, he’s not holding a curly silver gift bow, and I most certainly didn’t tell him “You’re my birthday present.”

Does WordPress have a sarcasm tag?

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the 2004 me is SPEECHLESS!

Not only have I already seen Jim Cuddy solo twice, Alan Doyle is coming to Johnny D’s on June 7. The 2004 me has gone into a dead swoon when she’s not squealing repeatedly. Now if they both show up on the same night, my head will explode into 10 million pieces, and the entire Tufts Romance Language Department will be tasked with gluing it back together.

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And I got lost in this song…

Dear CBC Radio,

Though I definitely enjoy listening to eight million Jim Cuddy songs in a row, do you think you could program your Blue Rodeo channel to mix it up a bit? I’ve got him as a playlist, but he’s not their only singer. Holy good god. Get some Greg Keelor in there. I actually like his songs better.


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I can’t come up with a song title!

Tickets for BNL’s summer tour go on sale in eight hours, and holy crap they’re expensive. I think the main floor seats cost $90 including fees, and that doesn’t include $75 for extras and “good seats,” and $125 for extras, a meet-and-greet, and “great seats.” I can’t believe I thought that tickets to the Jim Cuddy Band were expensive, when they were $60ish including fees, and one didn’t have to pay a thing for the meet-and-greet!

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You and me making up for the time we miss…

This is why we can’t have nice things. Err, this is why I hadn’t been in the same room as Jim Cuddy in over six years. I talk his ear off, and I have no trouble insulting him. I also make a fool out of myself in general while anywhere in his vicinity. That’s now nine concerts, eight meetings, three pictures, three autographs, two insults, two happy birthday wishes, one set list, one guitar pick, one happy birthday song, one instance of Chantal asking me if I could let her talk and one “talking about him while not realizing his daughter was working the merch stand.”

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All right, I miss you tonight, and I’m not really sure what to say.

Not really about missing someone, but I’m seriously not really sure what to say.


Even though six meetings are probably enough, I decided to comment at the above Ottawa Citizen page for yet another chance to meet Jim Cuddy, in Ottawa this time (2x Boston, 2x New York, 1x Northampton, 1x Toronto so far).

I read through the comments, and my friend had already nominated me.

I had to comment again, but as obsessed as I am, I’m definitely not his biggest fan, and I shouldn’t be taking away the chance for other fans to meet him for the first time, and being nominated for something without my consent really creeps me out.

I really wish I could tell her that I found her request, and that I even find it a little creepy, but I’m also touched that she’d do something like this. I probably have to wait until the contest ends.

I’m totally dying of laughter reading everyone’s responses, though. I think I counted 20 posters who hadn’t met him, and now I feel hella guilty.

Also…front row in Montreal, bitches! Fourth row in Ottawa, but it’s on the aisle so I can dance my head off anyway.

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Maxed out all my credit cards and took all of the money from my till…

I seem to have spent $180.41, without any international credit card conversion fees, on Jim Cuddy tickets (two for Montreal 2/10 and one for Ottawa 2/9), and have taken all the cash out of my sock drawer to cover the fact that my credit card really doesn’t like this. I’m nowhere near my limit, thankfully. I also still have some money in other drawers, and a wallet holding about $14.34 CDN, which should cover four Iced Capps at Tim Horton’s. Also, my friend said she’d pay for the Montreal tickets as my birthday present.

However, a) my grandmother is again on her last legs, so while I am planning to get a job, I just received enough money to cover my bills for the month, and b) I’m scared to go now! I have no idea when I’m going to actually going to be assigned seats, so I can’t sell any of the tickets at the moment. I also seem to have chosen some HUGE venues – for instance, Truro, NS, where he’s playing sometime in a few weeks, is smaller than the town where I grew up, and I think their theatre seats under 300 people. I guarantee that my father’s the only person who lives in the town where I grew up who’s seen Jim Cuddy in concert before. I’m also realizing that the two venues are larger than anywhere I’ve seen Blue Rodeo before. I *think* the largest venue I saw Blue Rodeo at held about 1100 people. Theatre Maisonneuve holds 1458 and Southam Hall, where I presume the Ottawa concert is, holds 2323. I saw Jim Cuddy and Luke Doucet solo with acoustic guitars in 2004 at Joe’s Pub in NYC, and that place holds about 150, maybe. What. In. The. Hell?

In other news, I really need to get new allergy medicine, as it feels like my flu shot isn’t working.

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